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” There’s a problem in your organization as:

  • Your processes aren’t clearly defined
  • You think you can do it internally but fear of failure
  • Employee are unmotivated and unproductive with high turnover but want to get paid more
  • Digital transformation is too expensive and too often ineffective
  • Improper channel of communication within the organization
  • Your growth and customers are transient
  • It’s hard to implement change that stick
  • You’re leaving future growth to chance

It doesn’t need to be like that…

I’ve helped hundreds of small and mid sized businesses create dramatic growth with simple, systematic sales and internal organization audit processes that maximize revenue for new and existing customers.

“continue to be inspired by the challenges,

opportunities, and innovations yet to come.”

Few simple unique business practice that helps our clients:

— Build a relationship that goes beyond client/vendor
— Regularly communicate and address problems directly
— Agree on strategy, goals and timelines
— Play a role of a counselors
— Good listener
— “Budget” is not a bad word

“My informed reporting is aligned with the research issues at hand and puts into account the clients organization culture, aspirations, mission and vision.”

My unique standard client’s organization research approach

  • Early consultation and involvement of all the parties
  • Free up management time
  • Work beyond the brief
  • Opportunity for cost saving – “realistic price tag”
  • Professional judgement and detached viewpoint
  • Provide actionable findings
  • No baggage

I’m helping Clients to

  • Research business and internal talents where new insights are obtained, adding new clarity and knowledge.
  • Study the continuous changes of the competitive landscape within their industries.
  • Identify drivers to unlock and align individual executives and middle managers’ personal Mission, Vision and Values to company mission, vision and values.
  • Test new concepts, perceptions and strategy to help them build long-term relationships with their employees.
  • Turn numbers into actionable insights for strong business decision drivers.