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Indian Society: First priority for women should be the role of parenting and family.

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Some study suggests, that the role of women in India is changing from homemaker to corporate owners. The structure of workforce has too changed as more and more women are encouraged to workplace. (1) (2) (3) According to WEF report there are only 9 percent of female participation in ownership within Indian firms. (3) The…

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India still in grasp of Modern Slavery and Forced Labour in 21st Century

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It all starts when you are asked to work for long hours to complete project without any extra benefits. And gradually it repeats day after day. Modern slavery is so invisible that it is impossible get detected. Around 25 million people around the world are victims of force labor exploitation in private sectors out of…

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Impact of Organization’s Fraud on Employee

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Since independence India have witnesses lots of financial scams. A study suggested that during 2008-10, the financial fraud had impacted around 87 percent of Indian companies where more than 75 percent of Indian companies said that fraud had increased gradually. (1) According to an estimate more than 20.23 Trillion US Dollar had been lost due…

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