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Indian Healthcare: Nightmare at 21st Century

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With the growth in economy, India have witness a rapid growth rate of 16.5 percent (1) in the field of healthcare facilities as it is one of the largest sector to generate revenue and employment with expected to generate USD 160 billion by 2017 and USD280 billion by 2020. (2) Most of the growth in…

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India… a hope for pollution free environment

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Recent emergency declaration made by Indian Medical Association that Delhi is suffering from pollution emergency as the pollution rises to nearly 45 percent more than Beijing, China with some recording an Air Quality Indel (AQI) maximum of up to 999. (1) In 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) have put 10 Indian cities on the…

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India: The use of plastic bag is horrifying worse in sub-urban

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After complain about the illegal mass burning of plastic at Delhi, the government took immediate step and banned disposable plastic items in whole National Capital Territory (NCT) areas of Delhi. (1) India generates around 54 lakh tonnes of plastic waste annually and contribute around 60 percent of plastic waste dumped into the ocean. Moreover, some…

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