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Impact of Organization’s Fraud on Employee

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Since independence India have witnesses lots of financial scams. A study suggested that during 2008-10, the financial fraud had impacted around 87 percent of Indian companies where more than 75 percent of Indian companies said that fraud had increased gradually. (1) According to an estimate more than 20.23 Trillion US Dollar had been lost due…

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Entrepreneurs India: The real challenges

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Due to attractive policies laid down by the government, India have recently opened doors for countless opportunities for startup entrepreneurs. (1) The number of startup have increased rapidly over the last few years. (2) Most entrepreneur starts business with idea and passion (3) but eventually forget leadership skills, (4) unable to analyze market, proper funding…

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GST: A nightmare for Indian Small Businesses

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With the objective of revolutionizing the Indian taxation system GST (Goods & Service Tax) Law was passed in Lok Sabha on 29th March, 2017 and came into effect from 1st July, 2017. GST Law have replaced many indirect tax laws and under new GST regime, tax will be levied at every point of sale. However,…

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