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HRD Strategist / Organization Developer


I’m a HRD Strategist with Entrepreneurial Vision,

Creativity & flair for Innovation Strategies

I’m an Innovative Business Strategist with Six Sigma Black Belt professional experience in spanning global corporate management, strategic planning, human resource development, improving operational efficiency, project management, business development and research. I’m a person who thrives in a fast-paced environment and had developed my skills as a business strategist for providing unique solutions to small & mid sized organizations, where I have achieved to increase organization performance with available resources.

After earning Masters in Business Management degree from United Business Institutes, Belgium, I started working as a Senior HR manager at Sarbatra Engineers in 2012 where I worked closely with various departments, assisting line and top managers to understand and implement policies and procedures while managing the entire talent acquisition cycle and maintaining high quality compliance and support process implementation across all service assurance teams/verticals.

Thanks to my previous work experience as SUPERVISOR at Phoenix Engineering Corp from 2004 – 05; ASSISTANT MANAGER at AA Treatment Engineers from 2006 – 07 and HR MANAGER at Balaji Consultancy Solutions from 2007 – 2008. I have the ability to take complex information and break it down and present, for easy understanding to even for the bottom of the organization. I love managing inter-departments teams and solving complex problems.

In 2016 I had resign from Sarbatra Engineers and since then I started investing my resources for the growth of rework.business as a OD STRATEGIST by adding value to the business through subject matter expertise in change management, system thinking, organization design, leadership and team effectiveness, organization analysis, assessment methodologies, talent planning employee engagement, culture, talent analytics and metric development.

I love managing inter-departments teams and solving complex problems as my personality is very easy going so I can get along with people. Working closely with diverse people, teams and organizations has helped to enhance analytical and strategical skills. In 2017, I have earned MA in Psychology (Industrial Psychology) from IGNOU. Also in same year , I had joined as ASSISTANT GENERAL MANAGER in Geoeau and worked till 2018.

In 2018, I have appointed as GENERAL MANAGER at Tatistyk Innovation, where I participates in formulating and administering company policies, directing and coordinating all divisional department activities to develop and implement long-range goals and objectives to meet business and profitability growth objectives.

To empower small and mid sized organizations to help there business thrive consistently, I helped the organizations, as a consultant, so that business can achieve goals and creating a virtuous circle of premium brand, profit and impact. Throughout my professional and personal life, I’ve always prided myself on mastering – and helping others master – the language and psychology of themselves and people in their lives and workplaces from all walks of life, cultures, ages and passions, starting with myself.

“I live in a small town somewhere in the world.”


” There’s a problem in your organization as:

  • Your processes aren’t clearly defined
  • You think you can do it internally but fear of failure
  • Employee are unmotivated and unproductive with high turnover but want to get paid more
  • Digital transformation is too expensive and too often ineffective
  • Improper channel of communication within the organization
  • Your growth and customers are transient
  • It’s hard to implement change that stick
  • You’re leaving future growth to chance

It doesn’t need to be like that…

I’ve helped hundreds of small and mid sized businesses create dramatic growth with simple, systematic sales and internal organization audit processes that maximize revenue for new and existing customers.

“continue to be inspired by the challenges,

opportunities, and innovations yet to come.”

Few simple unique business practice that helps our clients:

— Build a relationship that goes beyond client/vendor
— Regularly communicate and address problems directly
— Agree on strategy, goals and timelines
— Play a role of a counselors
— Good listener
— “Budget” is not a bad word

“My informed reporting is aligned with the research issues at hand and puts into account the clients organization culture, aspirations, mission and vision.”

My unique standard client’s organization research approach

  • Early consultation and involvement of all the parties
  • Free up management time
  • Work beyond the brief
  • Opportunity for cost saving – “realistic price tag”
  • Professional judgement and detached viewpoint
  • Provide actionable findings
  • No baggage

I’m helping Clients to

  • Research business and internal talents where new insights are obtained, adding new clarity and knowledge.
  • Study the continuous changes of the competitive landscape within their industries.
  • Identify drivers to unlock and align individual executives and middle managers’ personal Mission, Vision and Values to company mission, vision and values.
  • Test new concepts, perceptions and strategy to help them build long-term relationships with their employees.
  • Turn numbers into actionable insights for strong business decision drivers.



Searvices includes Years of Experienceces in!

Team-oriented leader with a successful track record and experience spanning global corporate management, strategic planning, human resource development, improving operational efficiency, project management, business development and research.

Driven by strong analytical and planning skills, combined with the ability to coordinate the efforts of many to meet organizational goals. Have been instrumental in turning around some sick units into Profits and could take care of the larger interest of the organization.

Business Change Analysis

Change Management

From planning to delivery, I support you in creating awareness and involvement. I help you tell your story of change to drive engagement. My holistic blend of change management services is part of an integrated approach to the people agenda of change which has one purpose: to focus on your people and make change stick. Using a tailored mix of my services to suit your change project, I help you accelerate and embed change, driving your business forward to its potential future state.


Employee Retention & Compensation

Human Resource Management

I offer talent solutions that help you manage the recruitment, selection, engagement and potential of critical talent, executives and next-generation leaders while minimizing the retention and compliance risk of a global workforce. I also help clients balance employee and shareholder interests, achieve business objectives, and attract and retain key employees using market compensation and executive reward strategies.

HR Research

Human Resource Development

With the study of the most important elements for employee and values of the company I can get the comprehensive information about organization. An essential component of organizational training and development, Employee Opinion Surveys provide a picture of the organization’s needs. These surveys can be used to solicit employee opinions on a variety of issues such as the company’s success in communicating its mission to employees, or local issues such as quality of the working environment.

HR Strategist

Business Strategy

Transitioning from startup to corporation is often chaotic and fraught for getting the HR part right. I help with creating talent-team-organization alignment on Mission, Vision Values, as well as Employee Handbook creation, Hiring and On-Boarding help, Career Pathway design and implementation, setting promotion and pay increase milestones, as such helping build the on-ramp to hiring a dedicated, full-time HR Director.

Organizational Design

Organizational Behavior

Every part of my work is focused on creating and scaling a superlative Employee Experience, decreasing turnover and improving engagement, improving employee alignment, morale and productivity, leading to a virtuous cycle of happier employees, happier customers and higher revenues. Using proven, cutting-edge best practices, tools and strategies to dramatically improve and standardize information and decision-making flows and processes, performance bench-marking and organizational project management.

Organization Research

Organizational Development

Identification and integration of the values that are important for company and the employee, helps to keep motivation and employees at the high level while developing the organization. From company’s point of view using values relates to creating vision and mission of the action from both inside and outside of the company, motivate and integrate employees, to control of change and dealing with extremity.

My Time

“When I’m not working,

I enjoy off-road cycling, photography, experimental cooking, conquering mountains, wandering in the lonely roads, and hare-brained arts & crafts. I’m a maker and a doer, and the nerdier the task, the better!

I’ve learned a lot about conversation,and people. One of my longest-honed skills is taking complex ideas and making them relate-able. The most important thing, of course, is just to have fun! Teaching, studying, and learning are all natural extensions of that.”


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