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I’m a HRD Strategist with Entrepreneurial Vision,

Creativity & flair for Innovation Strategies

  • Name: Samir Halder
  • Email: hello@samirhalder.com
  • Phone: (033) - 2684-0107
  • Address: PO Box 700034, Behala, Kolkata, India.
  • Nationality: Indian

“I live in a small town somewhere in the world.”

I’m an innovative Business Strategist with Six Sigma Black Belt professional experience in spanning global corporate management, strategic planning, human resource development, improving operational efficiency, project management, business development and research.

I’m a person who thrives in a fast-paced environment and have spent the last three years developing my skills as a business strategist for providing unique solutions to several organizations, where I have won several performance rewards.

My personality is very easy going so I can easily get along with people; also, my ability to laugh and put people out of tension. I have the ability to take complex information and break it down and present, for easy to understand.

I love managing inter-departments teams and solving complex business problems. Also, I love more challenging role as a business strategist and this position really excites me. Moreover, I can also come up with an idea with my own, then plan and execute it.